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Submit Loans from Your Website - Loan Application Portal

Equiniti Gateway Loan Portal Application - Style 1

You can add our loan application anywhere you like on your company website. Get all the benefits of Direct Application Entry, but on your website, with your branding.

Four easy steps to use our Loan Application Portal on your website:

  1. Register as an introducer using your CCL.
    You can register here
  2. Select a loan application colour style that best matches your website colours.
  3. Call us at 01422 242 200 or email us to establish your portal connection credentials. We'll need to know the website you'll be connecting from.
  4. We'll send you a single line of personalised IFRAME code; Add it to the page where you want the loan form displayed. You'll need a holding space of 700x1010 pixels.

There is a small 250 set-up charge for this option which includes:
  • Configuring the colours for your loan application
  • Providing a secure unique portal entry point on our website
If you are interested in this option please contact us here

For every submitted loan application you'll: