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About Us - Equiniti Gateway

Equiniti Gateway prides itself on the excellent quality of service we provide to our clients.

Equiniti Gateway treats us like a valued partner - it's almost like they are part of our company, helping with everything we do to meet our clients' needs.

Equiniti Gateway is a sophisticated loan processing organisation that efficiently matches prime and non-conforming borrowers with a variety of lending sources for unsecured and secured personal loans. G2F's innovative use of technology integrates web, back-office, and lender processes for highly cost effective real-time loan decisions, and provides comprehensive on-line marketing intelligence for introducing partners and lenders.

Investment in bespoke product sourcing software dedicated to personal and second charge loans has enabled Equiniti Gateway to offer clients the most competitive products together with a market leading service on a consistent basis.

The Equiniti Gateway proposition is specifically designed to support the varying business models of our introducing partners and maximise the conversion potential of each application. There are a number of features that set Equiniti Gateway apart from its competitors:

The Equiniti Gateway proposition is essentially an online solution. However applications can be submitted via an XML feed, bulk loaded via a csv file, or by a formatted email enquiry.

Equiniti Gateway offers a wide range of financial services to meet the differing needs of your clients. The core proposition of secured and unsecured loans is supported by a range of products which can include, on request, payday and commercial loans as well as debt management and IVA solutions. This means that whatever situation your client may find themselves in; Equiniti Gateway has the knowledge and the experience to help you.